The red Dagar leasing signs that have become a familiar fixture in windows and along the roadways reflect one of the common design elements that run throughout all leasing material prepared for properties represented by The Dagar Group Ltd.

The sleek, easy to read leasing sheets prepared in-house are another example of the way in which Dagar consistently reinforces its corporate identity to the public and tenants and the commercial real estate community.

The front side of the leasing sheets contains a rendered elevation or a photograph as well as an area map, basic information on the property, key existing tenants and space availability. The reverse side contains an illustrated site plan and is prepared in such a way as to be suitable for mail.

Certain projects require a higher level of marketing and those leasing materials are more extensive. In those instances Dagar prepares a project logo, renderings, full color brochure, information folder, including market area inserts, maps and aerial photographs of the property. For tenant representation, a criteria package is developed including, preferred size, locations and demographics.

The uniformity of the presentation materials, advertising and the Dagar web site reflect a clean, bold design which has become a recognizable signature of the company.